Redeemlocal is fully customizable for branding and sub-account management. In our platform, you can incorporate your logo and your choice of colors. Redeemlocal gives you advanced options for sub-account management.

Branded control panel with your domain

Replace the Redeemlocal branding with your own brand. Use your name, your own domain name and your own look and feel to offer the platform to your customers.

Customize the login and validation page

Customize the login and validation background with your own background image, colors and logo and embed them in your website.

Manage customer accounts

Create, update and remove customer accounts. You can also install a free trial account registration form on your website.

Rights management per subaccount

Set up detailed rights for every sub account, limiting the access of the subaccounts to certain parts of the platform.

Payment integrations

Accept payments from your customers using payment options such as PayPal and Stripe, and set your own customer price rates.

White label marketing materials

Our white label marketing toolkit gives you the opportunity to promote products to your customers without the costly price of design work