Redeemlocal not only enables you to create and distribute coupons, but it also provides validation methods so that redeem locations can verify the coupons that have been provided to their customers. This enables businesses to collect important redemption data because our system records and tracks all distributed coupons data.

Coupon validation methods

In our mobile coupon builder, you can set your desired validation method(s) for each campaign. We offer basic coupon validation methods (validation widget & app, on mobile device validation, and QR code validation) and advanced methods (barcodes and POS API). You can export detailed reports with our reporting tool. In case of multiple redeem locations you can create multiple passwords for the validation methods to track the redeem location in the statistics.


Validation widget/app

We offer a validation widget and validation app to validate coupons. Our widget runs on any device with an internet browser and connection. Our app can be downloaded in the app stores.

Our validation widget also allows you to save extra personal data from your customers and can be used to distribute coupons by email or SMS.


QR code validation

Every mobile device (phone or tablet) with a camera and QR scanner can be used as a validation system. At validation, the cashier scans the validation QR Code during checkout and enters the validation password.

On mobile device

Validate the coupon on the customer’s device either by entering a password or simply pressing a ‘redeem’ button without password.
(This option does not work for printable coupons.)

Use your own validation codes and/or barcodes

You can import and use your own validation codes. Our system will automatically assign your unique validation codes for every distributed coupon.

You can also show the unique validation code as a scannable barcode to have a complete POS integration.