Digital coupons created in Redeemlocal have the most advanced features on the market!

  • Social login

    Require a social login from your customers.

  • Gamification

    Add gamification to your campaigns.

  • Share on Facebook

    Require your customers to share on Facebook.

  • Data capture

    Capture big data from your customers.

  • Make a payment

    Require your customers to make a payment.

  • Watch a video

    Require your customers to watch a video.

  • Install an app

    Require your customers to install an app.

  • Terms and conditions

    Include your terms and conditions

  • Flexible saving options

    Our coupons can be saved in many ways.

  • Mobile wallet integration

    Our coupons integrate in mobile wallets.

  • Sharing options

    Our coupons can be shared in many ways.

  • Redirection button

    Redirect to your webshop.

  • On mobile device validation

    Use built-in methods for coupon validation.

  • Barcodes integration

    Scan barcodes at the checkout.

  • Multiple validation locations

    Add unlimited validation locations.

  • Flexible expiration counters

    Add date or time restrictions to the coupons.